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Show what regular photo screensavers can't - Images with your Lightroom adjustments included.

One of the strengths of Lightroom is that it leaves your original images untouched and stores any adjustments that you make separately. So unfortunately with ordinary photo screensavers all you see is your original and, even then, many will struggle with file formats like RAW . LRDisplay solves the problem by tapping into the data that Lightroom uses to display images within the app itself. But you don't need to worry about how it works - it just works!

girl holding magnifying glass

Choose your pictures - quick and easy or deep and powerful

LRDisplay lets you select pictures from your Lightroom catalogue in two easy ways. To get straight into it you can use LRDisplay’s Settings screen. Here you can select by photographic details such as camera, lens, shutter speed, focal length, etc. You can also select by location in various ways. LRDisplay pre-populates drop-downs with all your cameras, lenses and locations ready for you to choose. If you want to get more specific you can create a Collection or Smart Collection in Lightroom and use this instead. That way you can pick out individual pictures or make selections based on more complex search terms.
Close up of Jardine House in Hong Kong with LRDisplay captions

Create captions

A picture speaks 1000 words but it’s good to be able to add a bit more detail to bring your collection to life. Was that last one a long exposure? Great depth of field there, what was the aperture? Were those from the Paris trip? LRDisplay can tell you all that. Its subtle captioning allows you to draw on data about your photos stored in Lightroom’s catalogue. You can show this in any font, any size, with or without a background. You can also change the opacity so that your captions don’t overwhelm the picture. There’s lots of data to choose from as well including titles, ratings, location and technical details.

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Take control

As you walk, by LRDisplay has just shown you that amazing image you took back in Paris. You'd like to look at it again and maybe remind yourself about where you stored it. Too late! We've rolled on to the next image. But this is never a problem with LRDisplay because the image sequence is remembered. That means you can use the forward or back arrows to flick through the collection. Plus, the Space bar lets you start and stop the show at any time.

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Lightroom running? No problem!

If you are passionate about photography you probably spend a fair amount of time with Lightroom up and running on your computer. That’s great, but when your screensaver kicks in you don’t want to be faced with a blank screen just because Lightroom has its database fully locked. With LRDisplay everything is fine because LRDisplay remembers what pictures you selected and keeps a backup copy of all the details. That way your new intelligent screensaver will work no matter what.

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Let’s keep things upright

Landscape or portrait? That’s a creative choice you’ll be making all the time. But when it comes to displaying your shots you don’t want to find some of them laying down on the job. As you probably know Lightroom is great at working out the correct orientation of your pictures and then remembering this. LRDisplay uses this stored information so that the way you see it in Lightroom is the way it comes up on your screensaver.

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Easy to install and fully compliant

LRDisplay is just a download away and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows standards for screensavers. That means that you can select LRDisplay, adjust its settings and get a full screen preview through the standard Windows Control Panel. Installation is a breeze. Click the single downloaded file and you will be guided through the setup process. LRDisplay will do its best to spot your usual Lightroom catalogue (though you can always choose another one later) and will work out some sensible initial settings to get you going.